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Marshall McDaniel  |  google scholar 

Associate Professor in Soil-Plant Interactions | Agronomy Department at Iowa State University


The fearless leader, and mischeif maker.


Hobbies:  My spare time is spent playing guitar and bass, mtn biking, playing board games (and card games). 

Lab Manager

Stephen Potter

Research Technician


Curious about biology, plant ecology, and microbiology


Hobbies:  fishing, reading, hiking, and camping

Professional & Scientific Staff

Valeria Cano Camacho   |   twitter

Agricultural Specialist


Curious about the connections between land and people, how cultures influence agriculture, and soil health. 


Hobbies: hammocking, reading, hiking, and spending time with loved ones  


Tim Youngquist

Agricultural Specialist


Curious about water quality, perennial crops, finding space for wildlife habitat within agricultural systems


Hobbies: native plant propagation, ecological restoration, old house preservation, chickens, time with my family


Matt Woods

Agricultural Specialist


Curious about everything agronomy.


Hobbies:  music, sports, and outdoor activities.

Postdoctoral Researchers

Jared Flater    |   twitter

Postdoctoral Researcher, Ph.D. in Agriculture Biosystems Engineering from ISU in 2020

Curious about healthy soil microbiomes, belowground systems, improving agriculture through soil biology. 


Hobbies: running (esp. long distance), hiking and camping with wife and dog, conservation/naturalism


Cole Dutter

Postdoctoral Researcher, Ph.D. in Soil Science and Sustainable Agriculture from ISU 2022


Curious about cropping systems, soil health, farming externalities and sustainable agriculture.


Hobbies: beekeeping, backpacking, cycling, gardening and reading


Toby Adjuik   |   google scholar    |   twitter

Postdoctoral Researcher, Ph.D. in Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering from U. of Kentucky 2022


Curious about  soil greenhouse fluxes, process-based and machine learning modeling, and soil amendments.


Hobbies:cooking, listening to podcasts, soccer, and working out

Graduate Students
Derrick K photo.png

Derrick Kapayou   |   twitter

M.S. in candidate in Sustainable Agriculture and M.A. in Anthropology


Curious about intercropping, soil health, cultures, effects of climate change, and sustainable agriculture


Hobbies: playing mini golf, skydiving, fishing, painting, cooking, and bicycling.

website photo_Khaleel.jpg

Ala Khaleel   |   google scholar    |   twitter

Ph.D. Student in Soil Science and Environmental Science


Curious about soil health and water quality, deep soil organic C, and C & N cycling related enzymes. 


Hobbies: reading, camping, hiking, birdwatching, basketball, cooking, music, piano, time with my family.   


Jessica Nelson

Ph.D. Student in Soil Science & Sustainable Agriculture


Curious about the plant-microbe-soil interactions, building resiliency, and producing more balanced food.


Hobbies: gardening, traveling, hiking, training, healthy food, crystal collecting, and spending time with animals.  

Barker Photo.JPG

Reid Barker

M.S. in Soil Science & Environmental Science

Curious about soil conservation, water conservation, and water quality.


Hobbies: hunting, fishing, archery, guitar, cooking, gardening, and woodworking.  


Max Eness

Ph.D. in Soil Science

Curious about the relationship between yield and sustainability, ag-based climate solutions and how plants influence their own environment. 


Hobbies: games of all sorts, fencing, wood working and all things history.  


Mila Victorio Pessotto

Ph.D. in Agronomy

Curious about sustainable production systems, cover crops, soil fertility and soil health


Hobbies: reading, barbecuing, and spending time with family and friends  

Undergraduate Students
christar research pic.jpg

Christar Kin

B.S. in Biological Systems Engineering


Curious about sustainability and decreasing environmental effects of the bioeconomy


Hobbies: reading, card games, raising water awareness, exploring nature, taking pictures of clouds.


Malcolm St Cyr   |   twitter

B.S. in Agronomy


Curious about soil formation and fertility, and using combination to manage soil-plant interactions.


Hobbies: discovering historical figures/places by reading or traveling, watching movies/documentaries,             listening to music, and having conversations.


Sokhna Khadija Mbacke

B.S. in Agronomy

Curious about plant production and management practices for soil preservation. 


Hobbies: working out and cooking

sydney pottebaum.jpg

Sydney Pottebaum

B.S. in Independent Studies

Curious about water quality, sustainability, and the relationship between soil and climate change.


Hobbies: running, swing dancing, and puzzles/games

Lab picture - Rebekah Veldboom.JPG

Rebekah Veldboom

B.S. in Environmental Science

Curious about about land and water use, prairie conservation, and biodiversity in soils and plant communities


Hobbies: outdoor adventures, reading, listening to music, piano, and tennis


Wes Kramer

B.S. in Agronomy

Curious about about sustainability, keeping Iowa's soils productive, nutrient-plant relationships; especially  testing new, unorthodox, or outside-of-the-box means of fertilization.


Hobbies: walking through the woods, fishing, movies, and music

...this could be you

We are frequently looking for new people to join the lab.  Please contact us for details.

Lab Alumni

Zach Simpson (Postdoc 2021-2022) - now at USDA-ARS in Ft. Collins, CO
Kate Glanville (Postdoc 2020-2021) - now at NRCS in Salina, Kansas
Britt Moore (Postdoc 2020-2021) - now faculty at University of North Carolina - Wilmington
Morgan Davis (Postdoc 2018-2020) 
- now faculty at University of Missouri
Mriganka De (Postdoc 2017-2020) - now faculty at Minnesota State University
Michael Lawrinenko (Postdoc 2017) - now at EPA in Ada, OK
Derrick Kapayou 
(M.S. in Sustainable Agriculture and M.A. in Anthropology 2022) - now in Quad Cities
Emma Molburg (M.S. in Soil Science 2022) - now at NRCS in Galesburg, IL
Tomás Sitzmann (M.S. in Soil Science 2020) - now Ph.D. Student at Grignani & Zavattaro Labs at University of Turin
Teresa Middleton (M.S. in Soil Science 2019) - now at Iowa Soybean Association
Jacob Studt (M.S. in Soil Science 2019) - now in Heaton Lab at University of Illinois
Rebecca Baldwin-Kordick (M.S. in Soil Science 2018) - now at Mad Agriculture
Casey Luke 
(B.S. in Agronomy 2022) - now M.S. in Geospatial Lab for Soil Informatics (Miller Lab) at ISU Agronomy
Allee Koestner (B.S. in Agronomy 2022) - now at Advanced Agrilytics
Jean Etnyre (B.S. in Environmental Science 2021) - now graduate student at Arizona State University
Terry West (B.S. in Agronomy 2021) - now in Omaha, NE

Haley Wilson (B.S. in Agronomy 2021) - now at the National Resource Conservation Service
Perla Carmenate (B.S. in Agronomy 2020) - now graduate student at University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Jack Pieper (B.S. in Agronomy 2020) - now graduate student at Oregon State University
Justin Hunter (B.S. in Agronomy 2020) - now graduate student in 
Davis Lab at University of Missouri
Carrie Dodd (B.S. in Animal Ecology 2020) - now technician at University of Texas A&M
Theresa Brehm (B.S. in Agronomy 2020) - now graduate student in Culman Lab at Ohio State University
Mitchell Roush (B.S. in Agronomy  2017) - now graduate student with Dr. Andrew Manu

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